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Insurgency 2 Hacks

We're already several months at the annual editions of popping in the Battlefield and Call of Duty, but there are still other best online shooters who see the light of day. Sometimes they suck the stones from the ground, like Red Sabre, but here and there appears a shooter that a bull's eye is. Insurgency ran long in the Early Access system and our preview was promising. Or the game after a long period of play and give feedback still an equally cool pop fest is read in this review.

Insurgency differs in one respect immensely from its big brothers from EA and Activision. Where both games a bit less realistic and above all in fun, the pop is more Insurgency a purely tactical shooter. A shooter in which the Lone soldier not long will survive and where you need to think about almost every step you take. The words sound might not be encouraging, but New World Interactive has released a shooter on the world with Insurgency that manages to keep in perfect balance with the realism of fun. Oh, and it's an online game only.

No single player out there is just hastily concocted, at instantly servers on it and know the folders. Shooters who in tactics and realism, not only with the stand or fall shoot behavior and the weapons, but also with the folders. Scores Insurgency in this area very high. The folders are often open and small, but know the perfect mix between close combat and vast areas. That at every bullet Bob explains, makes almost immediately that you must weigh each step and must have enough cover to hide behind. And just so does the game well. Enough corners, Windows and doors to hide behind and to surprise the enemy without that people go campen. Most modes have the lenses must be destroyed.

The traditional modes come back, but always with caches that you must destroy or rooms that you have to conquer. The caches are always on the directory, but almost all folders – that are situated in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – contain an underground and above ground area what it tactically interesting. Choose a particular route, or in team with two small groups take two alternative routes drives the tension and the fact that also the acts with the weapons as realistic, ensures that the Insurgency a game is you don't fast away. Now take scopes. Zoom in with a scope is useful for long distances, but the longer you zoom, the more you start to vibrate. Or if you just have a Martin pulled, then it will also not just scopes a hitch walk, since a higher heart rate will make you less scope remains stable. Solo slim hang out and rushen, as in, say, Call of Duty is done, is not in it. The best tools can be found here at - Get them while they remain available!

Every inch counts!

Also interesting is the way teams are. There is not really a level system that separates the wheat from the chaff. You make some progress and may unlock everything, but where you at other shooters can take whatever you want in your loadout, is that in this game anything but the case. Each part, whether it's a weapon, a bulletproof vest or affiliated grenade is, is worth a certain number of points. The more progress you make the more points you can spend on your loadout, but you should always make choices. Take that you still have four points, you take then a scope for your AK for four runs, or an extra ammo vest for three points? Are you going for more accuracy in shooting, or do you want to bring more ammunition? That's just an example, there are so many combinations and decisions possible.