Modern Combat 5 Blackout Tricks

Some tricks and cheats for Modern Combat 5 Blackout 

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Tricks

And once came to grips with the single player campaign, there is still a big piece to discover: the multiplayer mode. Gameloft has put small dishes in the large: 4 game modes are available (deathmatch, team, CTF and VIP) and a matchmaking system to find a full part in a few seconds. The most beautiful in there, it's that experience stored by the different classes (and therefore the weapons and accessories unlocked) in the single player campaign is available for in-line mode. On the other hand, all aid for aiming and movement are disabled by default. Suffice to say that if we manage to play at the lever, the advantage on the touch players is evident. Cheating is become more and more prevalent in this game, some people are already sharing hacks like that promise to make them better players and help them dominate the game.

The handling of Modern Combat 5 is exemplary. Gameloft default offers three types of controls, all based on virtual joysticks (the left hand takes care of travel while the right hand aims, shoots and reloads), but we especially appreciate the possibility to modify absolutely all the elements of the HUD. So I struggled during the first 10 minutes of game time to dispose perfectly of the interface elements of so that they fall in a manner very naturally under my fingers. If you're the type to avoid the FPS on mobile because you are afraid of controls, Modern Combat 5 is the typ of title which can reconcile you with the kind. Options on the other hand make no mention of the throttles. With a bit of hack, it should however be possible to map or to recognize a game device.

Will be completed this test by a few technical remarks. Modern Combat 5 is graphically very impressive. Certainly, it is not yet of the PS3 (especially when we begin to put the nose on the screen), but the whole remains beautiful for a mobile game. Light effects, destructible elements of the decor and especially the animations of opposing soldiers are frankly amazing. Better, the game remains smooth permanently.

Difficult to judge with the naked eye, but I think that the framerate is locked at 30 frames per second. This technical aspect will be completed by noting that must be a connection to the Internet to launch the game and especially to download levels from the single player campaign. You don't also have by the initial weight of the title, the third chapter of the game it is necessary to start a download of additional data to access as a result of the adventure.Finally, and as promised by Gameloft, Modern Combat 5 contains absolutely no in-app purchase. Once the game paid 5.99 euros, it is possible to access the entirety of the game without having to pay. So much the better.